Follow the Leader

Upon suggesting to Brennyn we go for a walk, I half expect her to whine and complain about it. Still coming out of this funk, I’m not sure I didn’t half want her to refuse. Fortunately for both of us, she not only is elated to go, but she takes the reins and sets the tone of our outing. She wants her scooter so I pack the scooter in the stroller. She wants her umbrella even though there is no rain in sight, but throw it in anyways. About to head out the door, she is the one who reminds me to bring snackies and water. So while she munches on an apple, I push the stroller to the start of the trail.

Already I feel lighter. Happier. The blahs receding.

Upon reaching the trail head, Brennyn immediately launches out of the stroller, grabs for her umbrella and starts twirling and singing shouting Rain Drop Pop by Bobs and Lolo. If you don’t know it, you can see it here complete with rainbow umbrellas!

After a couple of broadway-worthy numbers, we continue on our way. As Brennyn searches for treasures (rocks and sticks to fill my pockets), we are startled by two ducks who we, presumably, had startled first.

Brennyn cries dramatically and latches on to my neck. “Kaya likes to be scawed but not me!!” She remains pouty and snuggly until spotting the Dragon (a giant log we always think looks like a dragon on the uprooted side) to which she lunges out of my arms to run and climb aboard. Not so scared of dragons or heights apparently…

After a girl guide cookie surprise snack, Brennyn decides she is ready to scooter ride. Only we are no longer on paved trails so I try to sensibly explain why it will not work. She wants none of sensible and figures out a way.

Guiding me as she has on our outing, she yells for me to come running, pointing madly at something in the tree. I wander over and spot a delicate pink flower fallen into some moss. “Look at this mommy! It’s so pretty. You should take a picture!”

So I do.

With that, we have completed our loop. Two fun-filled hours have passed with my baby girl guiding the way.

Thank you my B XOX


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