A Science World Visit

Bal took Easter Monday off work so we could have a family day at Science World. What I love about visiting Science World is that it is such a kinesthetic experience. Hands on, try this, move that, climb here, MOVE! Just what was needed after two days of chocolate and jellybeans.

Newly renovated, there is more space, new exhibits, and instead of being trapped in a bubble, now we are treated to views of the spectacular downtown core. We tried and learned and experimented and oh did we play!

More fascinating than the exhibits themselves, watching my girls reactions to the exhibits had me marveling. Kaya was all manic, moving from one, to the next, to the next with barely a chance to see what each did but then would circle back around returning to her favourites. Brennyn, on the other hand, would find something and stay stationed there until being shuffled along. Both of them doing the opposite of what I would have expected from them, and actually taking on the role of the other sister. Always throwing their mamma for a loop!

With a few visits under my belt, let me share some tips that may enhance your Science World experience with the fam.

  • Aquarium memberships get you 20% off the ticket price.
  • If ever you see a Science World groupon, grab it.
  • White Spot is there but to save money, eat healthier, and avoid lines, bring a lunch and eat it in the lunch room.
  • Don’t have a plan. Let your kids guide the way and pace because honestly parents, they know how to have more fun!
  • Don’t give yourself a time limit.
  • Easter Monday is a brilliant time to go but sshhhh don’t tell anybody else! It was the quietest I have ever seen it making the day so much more enjoyable. I am told mid to late afternoon is good too as day camps and school classes have gone by then.
  • Two parents (or grandparents or friends) are better than one. The girls are different ages and had different interests. They were more often than not running in opposite directions and I’m not so sure I would have had much fun going it alone.
  • Get in there, immerse, touch, play, throw… Be another kid in the candy store!!
  • Lastly, be happy (of course)

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