You know I am in a rut when…

  • I do not write.
  • I do not pick up my camera.
  • I do not think up one crazy adventure to go on with the kids.
  • My soul purpose becomes winning Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim to Win, consuming vast amounts of coffee while doing so.

That is the kind of month it has been.

Fortunately, spring (life!) is here full of buds ready to bloom. As am I.

Easter weekend certainly helped. Sun, colour, tulips, family, Corona’s, Mini Eggs, yah, you can’t go wrong!
Not to mention painted glitter eggs.
With the sun, came inspiration. A day at the ocean for picnics, bubbles and Mummy Bunny’s Driftwood Egg Hunt! Gramma and Grampa distract the girls with bubbles while I hide eggs filled with yogurt covered pretzels, fruit snacks and kettle corn (somewhat healthier than jellybeans and chocolate eggs!) When I yell, the girls come running!

Treasure hunts amongst driftwood and shells makes us all very happy.

A fabulous day, and Easter hasn’t even arrived yet. When the Easter Bunny does come, he hides jellybeans for the girls to find giggling all the while. Then comes the Treasure hunt- picture clues (and some short word ones for my new reader!) on paint chip egg cards. Such a smart, crafty bunny…

All leading to the outdoor present the EB brings just in time for spring. This year, scooters! They are a hit.
Oh yes they are!

Easter long weekend was good for my soul. Lifting me out of the rut, the blah’s, the seasonal affective disorder, whatever you want to call it and back to feeling the joy.



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