Mapping Treasures

When we are reading a book, and my kids yell “Just like we did that mom!”, my heart gets very happy. We are not just reading about life, we are living it.

While last at the library, a kids mapping book jumped out at me. Since Kaya is so keen on mazes and treasure hunts, I figured this would be something that interested her. I was wrong. She was bored and not really into it at all. Which was fine, some library books we adore, others barely get cracked.

Then we went to the ocean one day. While there we created our own obstacle course, climbed giant logs, found a geocache and had a picnic. Needless to say, it was a good day.

As I was putting Brennyn for a nap upon arriving home, the neglected map book stuffed in the bookshelf called out for me again. I grabbed it and knew what to do.

Kaya and I would map our day!

We had read about legends and directions before, but this time we got to apply it using our own terms. And that made it fun.

“Knowing and feeling are two different things, and feeling is what counts.” ~ François Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness

Suddenly that book became really cool and we read it over and over. “Just like we did that right mom?”

The last map in the book is a very basic one of the solar system. “Tonight I will dream about going to the planets. And then my dream will come true and we can make a better map, okay Mom?”

Books are gateways for dreaming the possibilities. Then going out and doing them.

So what else can I say but,

“You bet kid.”


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