Hotel Sleeps With Kids

Don’t you think sleeping in hotels with children should be an entire section in those baby books you devour before they arrive?

I would entitle it HOTEL BED BUGS.

with subheadings like Bye Bye Hubby (with kids wedged between you or each taking one per bed, you’ll be lucky to see him for the next 5 years.)

and Drinking in the Dark (wine, beer, coffee or tea- sip silently while sitting in the dark trying to get the kids to sleep)

In Tofino last month, the kids were grumpy miseries by 8pm so we turn off the lights and I escape to the shower. After taking my sweet time in hopes they have fallen asleep, I sneak out of the bathroom to see this:

Bal watching Star Wars Lego on the laptop with pink Hello Kitty headphones on. Sexy!

This past trip in Sun Peaks, my mom is wise enough to book us a loft with a King bed for me and the girls to share and a couch pull-out for herself. My mom complains of springs and lumps in her bed but I figure she had it good compared to my flailing bed companions.

Where’s a mamma to fit? After a finger (not my own) up the nose, shin bashing, and a possible slight concussion, I can tell you the answer to that. A mamma, quite simply, does not fit.

Maybe Brennyn heard me complain, because the next night, I head up to bed and find her sleeping here:

Is it so wrong that I totally considered leaving her there?

Too bad I didn’t, as the girl was up for a better part of the night after moving her. I replace su-su’s, fix blankies, give cuddles, give her more space (hello, who needs the space?!) before spouting out a bitchy 1am, “Brennyn, WHAT DO YOU NEED ALREADY?” Which is about when Gammy comes to the rescue taking Brennyn to sleep on her springs and lumps.

Ah well, if there is a good news story to the lack of sleep, it is that Brennyn had a long, deep sleep in the car the next day on the way home. And I have a renewed appreciation for my King bed made for two, with room for more only on deliciously lazy Sunday mornings that welcomes kids, kids stuffies, and dog.


One thought on “Hotel Sleeps With Kids

  1. love love love these photos! a good laugh, but only now that you can look back on that experience. i feel like i know these kind of nights all too well also!

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