Sun Peaks Ski & Play

The last time I visited Sun Peaks Ski Resort, I was maybe 23 years old and needed only a friends floor to crash on and a good bar to celebrate New Years in. I presume I found both, though the details are hazy.

13 years later, the resort has grown substantially, as have I. Both of us seemingly more focused on family, though loud, raucous nights still welcome.

Upon first arriving, I am thrilled to see my mom has booked us in a loft-style room. Lights can stay on past 8pm!

After a stroll through the quaint snow-lined village, we head for the Tube Park. Brennyn, at 2.5 years-old, goes down with me once and decides that is enough but finds joy in riding the magic carpet ride up, then run/rolling down the snowy hill to greet the tubers at the bottom. Kaya, at 5.5 years-old, has fallen in love. Flopping on mommy or Gammy on a tube that banks corners and whizzes on ice at alarmingly fast speeds? Yes please!

“More, more!”

“Again, again!”

“Not one more time Mom. How about 10? 5? 5? 5…”

So it was five.

Only because she is starving and I promise to come back tomorrow do we leave with relative ease. The walk back diverted by large hills to climb, then slide, climb, then roll, climb, then slide… As kids do.

Diversion #2 in the Rocky Mountain chocolate shop. As kids and mommies do.

Then the liquor store. As mommy’s and Gammy’s do.

Finally to the best smelling pizza to ever greet my nose, that tasted just as yummy.

On Day 2 we have one of our ‘Best Days Ever’, as quoted by my gorgeous big girl.

Firstly, I spend the morning on the mountain by myself. Stunning views greet me, perfect snow welcoming, the only sound my own skis carving into the snow as not another soul chooses the same runs as me. Perfection.

Sun peeks at Sun Peaks

After a couple of hours, I am craving company, so go get Kaya. I so love that I can go get Kaya.

*Note to families: ski rentals for Kaya (boots, skis and a helmet) cost $13 a day from Jardines. Sweet deal! And 6years and under ski free!

Off we go, up the chair, off the chair, and down the mountain, just me and my girl. Love! Even better, my girl who has been on skis a total of 8 times in her life, is bored on the green runs so I follow her lead and we depart the run for the trees and bumps and jumps. This is about when Kelly Clarkson’s “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” song plays over and over in my head. I have not done trees and jumps since I was a kid on our tiny local mountain. Having kids is amazing in so many ways, not the least of which is getting to be one again yourself.

With the snow dumping down now, Kaya has had enough skiing and rallies for more tubing.

So we do. Over and over and over again. She has got brave today and is in her own tube. Sometimes she flies down on her own, sometimes we hold on to each others tube. Screamin like banshees all the while. Neither of us can stop smiling.

In the two hours we are there, the snow has not stopped falling. Fresh powder trumps aching body and I drop Kaya off with Gammy and B while I sneak back up the mountain for a couple more runs before the lifts close.

Aching body yells at me later.

Exhausted though I am, I decide it’s not everyday that we get to swim in an outdoor pool while snow falls upon our heads, so we walk over to the sports centre to do just that. Oh okay, maybe it was more about the hot tub then magical snowy swims…

Eventually we make it back to the hotel, Gammy brings us food, girls go to bed, and Gammy and I kick back with beer and the hockey game.

Kaya is wise. Me time, quality time with Kaya, outdoors, thrills, funny spills, eating snow that Kaya was certain was filled with magic and would make us fly…

Best. Day. Ever.


3 thoughts on “Sun Peaks Ski & Play

  1. and what do you mean by trees, bumps and jumps? good grief you are one brave mama with your girl! way to be for tapping into that youthful fearlessness. i’ll just take your word for it! ; )

    • Oh, perhaps it sounds much riskier than it is 🙂 My skis maybe clear 5cm off the ‘jump’ and Kaya is lucky to get over the bumps at all she’s going so slow…

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