Rule #1 of Family Road Trippin’

1. Ignore every rule you had in your mind before becoming a parent.

For me, my biggest ‘my children will never’, proclamation was watching TV in the car.

Little did I know that anything that can provide an hour or more of relative calm in the car, must be used.

No food is off-limits as long as the whines are being kept silent. Crumbly, sticky, juicy… Okay, maybe no beets.

Candy is okay, especially hard ones that make them suck for long periods of time, and thus too preoccupied to ask “Are we there yet?” Suckers are my new plug-in at the 30 minutes prior to arriving point which is always the ugliest in our car.

Playing kids music on endless repeat while belting out silly lyrics can actually be quite fun (and therapeutic!)

Fast food and play places are a necessary evil if the weather turns bad and there is energy that needs to be burned. (Plus, I hypothesize, if a child happens to vomit all over the floor of said establishment, they are slightly more understanding resigned to help you out.)

If the weather is good, natural stops at rivers or waterfalls or green space are fabulous, but sometimes a school playground is the thing.

Finally, getting from point A to point B in record time is no longer a goal. Instead of lamenting the added time, take the opportunity to explore a bit and discover something new.

Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way. ~Douglas Pagels


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