Live Sparkly

“Mom, did you take us to Sparkle Land?”

That upon entering the Whistler Olympic Park where Nordic sports rule. Today, we are here to meet friends and do some sledding. In the sun.

Oh hello Sun, it’s been awhile!

Which of course, only makes us appreciate and value you more.

And why not?

“What’s sparkle mean?” asks Brennyn, my very inquisitive two-year-old.
“Like glittery, B.” answers Kaya.
“What’s that mean?”
“It’s when things twinkle or glow or light up…” I add.
“And it looks like it’s dancing!” interjects Kaya. Quite rightly.
“Oooohhh, I like sparkles!”

As do I my girls, as do I.

And so we enter Sparkle Land,

for a little of this,

And this,

And this,

I’m pretty sure there is a really boring rule of photography stating you should not shoot into the sun.

Some rules beg to be ignored. For sun flare, even more than sun, makes me oh so very happy!

Sparkle Land delivers on this day. Giddy glitters and twinkle toed dancers meeting bumper sleds and snow mound ascents.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I liked it, but on this day, oh we get it.

For we are Living Sparkly right here.

What else could one do in Sparkle Land?


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