The Force and Other Rainy Day Boredom Busters

When it rains, it pours. And it pours a lot here on the west coast. Often we’re a good sport about it. Sometimes throwing a tutu over top our muddy buddies.

Other times, well, we just get ourselves into some serious puddles.

Always on the look out for rainbow joy, we admittedly settle for the gas station floor rainbow if we have to. But when one does appear, well, it makes the rain all worth it!

Ah yes, but even the most optimistic of us get sucked into the rainfall blues at times.

When cartoons are on too much and grumpiness fills the confining walls.

Eventually I snap out of my blahs last week, long enough to realize it is my anniversary. My brilliant plan, kill two birds with one stone.

Star Wars on Blu Ray and a Star Wars Lego set, as both gift and a boredom blues buster.


There may be nothing better in the world than listening unseen to 5-year-old Kaya teach 2-year-old Brennyn Star Wars terminology.

“What’s that name?”
“No silly! R2D2.”
“Oh ya, RD2D fruity, heeheehee! What’s that name?”
“Storm Trooper.”
“What’s that name?”
“C3PeePee? Hahahahaha!”
“And this is a Light Sabre. It’s like a sword and a light and Daddy makes its sound really good but Mommy can’t do that so don’t ask her. She just say Zoom Zoom and it’s a Light Sabre not a car.”
“Yah… That show is scawy!”
“Yah, I like the Lego Star Wars movie better but I like the beginning of this one.”
“It’s scawy!”
“Mommy tries to sing the song at the beginning but she can’t do that.”
“Yah. What’s that name?”
“Obi Wan Dodo…”

My outright-laugh turned fake-coughing fit gets me busted eavesdropping. But no matter, the playing continues.

Star Wars play becoming every-piece-of-Lego-we-have play, whereby even the ‘scawy’ Storm Trooper becomes known simply as ‘Stormy’ since who can be scary when they’re roasting marshmallows and wieners over the fire while camping by the tree fort…

Imaginations soar and boredom is beat.

May the Force stay with us!


One thought on “The Force and Other Rainy Day Boredom Busters

  1. OMG, Brennyn practically swimming in the puddle! Hilarious!
    Happy Anniversary! Funny, I got Kevin some Lego for Christmas this year! Playing with Daddy’s “little” LEGO is a huge treat over here! Such fun stuff!

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