Whenever I am taking photos, there is a quiet voice inside me nudging “Re-frame. Re-frame.” It has become a mantra of sorts reminding me to change my perspective for better results. This may mean a squat or a full on belly lay. It may be a shift to shoot into the light or my subject in better light. Maybe it’s a zoom or a tilt or a thrust my camera above my head, click, and hope for the best! My stand-out photos are rarely a simple point and click.

Perspective is everything.

Same holds true for life wouldn’t you say? Which is why this space has a re-frame category, a conscious noting that my perspective shifted.

Even a tiny shift is a shift. A miniscule moment of noticing creates a space for light. Let me share an example.

The past three months, Brennyn has refused to ride in her stroller. Which means slower walks to school to drop off Kaya. Which means many days in which I have yelled, hurried, dragged and been short with the girls as we are late for school. Then one day, a realization, I could leave 5 minutes earlier.

No duh, right? But I was stuck in our routine. Leaving at 8:40am got us to school perfectly for 8:50am and that was that. Until Brennyn changed the parameters. After a week of the nagging battles to get to school on time, a gentle nudging in my brain, ‘re-frame mamma’. Of course! So it is that I realize the stroller is gone, like it or not, and 8:35am now gets us to school perfectly for 8:50am. Reframed.

Brennyn found great freedom in walking (running, jumping, hopping) to school. She ran ahead and held Kaya’s hand and darted through every puddle she could. But after 2 months of this, she suddenly grasped onto my hand for our walks and didn’t let go. She was very clingy and I found myself growling,

“Brennyn, don’t pull! Quit dragging! Hurry up! Slow down!”

and so on until our now easy walks had become grumpy again. If I needed my hand to do up a zipper or hold an umbrella, Brennyn would anxiously demand it back. Motherly instinct might have had me wonder at the change, but to be honest, mostly I was just annoyed.

Then one morning, Brennyn grasps on, holds on tight, squeezes my hand and pulls me on our way. First, a trickle of annoyance and then I look down. At this,

and I practically scream with joy ‘REFRAME!’ Then pull out my iPhone to snap my reframe as a reminder.

This wee hand, this perfect, delicious hand wants to hold mine. She wants to be close and feel my guidance. She wants to hang with mom. How ever could that annoy me? So it is that we skip to school that day. And every day since, when she grabs my hand, I take a moment, give her a little squeeze and feel so fully grateful.

Wondering the world requires constant reframing. It means getting down to our kids level and seeing what they see, how they see. It means forgetting that we may have seen that waterfall (or tree or billboard) on our commute every single day, instead enjoying what it is today. It means appreciating a rainy day, even if it is the 10th in a row.

Not always easy but neither is being stuck or annoyed or bored. Truly, right now looking out the window I want to wallow in self-pity at this drizzling, depressing rain… My photographer brain is suggesting a new lens, maybe a bokeh shot (blurring the background!) or maybe even a black and white edit.

Do you need or have a re-frame moment? Any thoughts on how to shift my rainy day blues? Please share!


One thought on “Re-frame

  1. Perspective, changing lenses, re-framing, shifting – all such rich ways of thinking. I love this post! Re-framing is also a concept in therapy that I gravitate towards and incorporate into my work.
    My camera certainly shifts me from one way of looking to another. Seems that it helps me to see more out of, or within a rain day.

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