After three days in Ucluelet, we move on to Tofino. In Ucluelet I feel filled with raw energy and humbled by the fierce power of nature. Rocks, storms, surging waves, and intense winds fascinate and impress.

Tofino feels more relaxed, more ethereal. Sandy beaches, open spaces, rhythmic waves and rippling tides has me slow down, breathe in, take it all in, and exhale. My breath syncing with the tides, all ebby and flowy, as if by design.

Moments of surprise move into times of quiet calm.

Inspiration flowing and bursting.

Giggling play to meditative stillness.

Crashing forces creating lapsing falls.

Running, jumping, leaping play to more contemplative moments.

Giddy dancing to a love-filled stroll.

Sunrises turn sunset.

And golden sun becomes violet skies.

Tofino has always filled my soul, rejuvenated my spirit and I wondered if this would hold true visiting with children. Naptimes, falls, fights, hunger, and whining do not just disappear on holidays after all. Even so, the power of west coast nature is such that we all feel its energy. Better still, this energy combines with my kids playful spirit to enrich our visit even more.

A huge thank you to Bal for taking over the camera to get some candid shots of me and the girls!


3 thoughts on “Tofino

  1. Sounds like you know Tofino fairly well. We have never been but are planning on a vacation to Tofino in September. Is that a good time to be there and experience it? Do you have any suggestions where to stay? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    • September is a brilliant time to visit Tofino Jeff, though to be honest, I’m not sure there is a bad time to go! Even February for storm watching season has its charms. I’ve stayed at Pacific Sands, Long Beach Lodge, camped and the Wickaninnish, plus a couple of places in Ucluelet. The Wick is a special treat and amazing spa if you have the money. Plus Chesterman beach where they are located is my personal fave. Pacific Sands and Long Beach are both in Cox Bay, great beach also and where the surfers come to play. Long Beach Lodge has the Great Room which is a a fabulous place to kick back and relax. There are so many variables whether you have kids, pets, want to surf or spa, eat out or in. I can tell you this, I have no complaints of any of them and something to rave about all of them!

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