Treasures Be Happy

Perhaps Kaya was expecting the big glass tubing slide atop tropical waters aboard a kid-themed cruise ship when I mentioned we were going on a family vacation. So far she had got a nauseating ferry ride, freezing winds pounding her sensitive face, and a too-hot hot tub, with nary a mouse to be found. Over breakfast I hype up the Wild Pacific Trail– the crashing waves, enormous trees and tidal pools to explore. I get a dirty look and a “I saw that already mom.”

Still, the girl can not resist a treasure hunt and so I pull out my phone, grab a surprise bag of ‘treasures’, and we head out for some geocaching fun.

Here we are, after several failed attempts, conversing on ‘If I were a treasure, where would I be…’

Kaya and Daddy look over here.

But us girls find it here instead.

The cache is called ‘Life on the Edge’ and it seems appropriate we send our Be Happy Travel Bug (see previous posts here and here) to this wildly happy place filled with sea life, eagles and crashing waves.

So it is, we are happy. Without a cartoon character in site.

Instead we find crazy trees to climb,

and funky paths to follow.
We find more treasures. Some are about the seek and find.

Others are about knowledge, appreciation, and being wowed.

Even this picture is a treasure.

Though you wouldn’t have convinced me of that at the time. Sulking pitifully, I think I grumbled a “Whatever, my girls never want a picture with me. Let’s just go!” But now I see it and just laugh. Brennyn hiding, Kaya evading, me trying. All to no avail. Hilarious.

Treasures are discoveries of riches. For us, on this day, riches include a Tinkerbell necklace, slimy pink sea creatures, endless views and a rusted old food truck serving the most delectable fish n chips.

“A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.” ~Charlotte Davis Kasl

We’ll get to Disneyland one day. In the meantime, our family explorations make treasures abound.


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