Love Is

Love is:

Bal surprising us girls with a bouquet of colour from our grey days. The day before Valentines.

Delish food. Pad Thai made by Bal, a whipped oreo nutella creation from me, pretend toast with strawberries on top from B, a school lunch bag packed with heart-shaped sandwiches, granola bars and strawberries…

Wine. Better yet, adults cheersing with wine, kids cheersing fancy glass OJ, then daddy being called out on not taking a sip after the cheers. His lesson to her being taught back!

Coffee served in bed.

Brennyn tucking me in, playing gently with my eyelashes (she’s fascinated with eyelashes!), stroking my face and softly moving the strands of hair off my face while ‘reading’ me a book (Let me ignore for a moment the part where yells CLOSE YOUR EYES!, rips out my eyelashes and bites my cheek…)

Teamwork building tree fort Lego.

Creating a Scavenger Heart Hunt.

Found 20 hearts scattered around the house to match the love board.

Being thanked for creating a Scavenger Heart Hunt.

Giggling over boys valentines. Now, suddenly, Star Wars and Anime are very cool.

A connected look, and knowing smile, from two parents marveling their kick-ass girls.

A back massage aimed at ridding a nasty migraine.

Art & Poetry, Sign Language & Printing Prowess.

Love is.



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