The Be Happy Saga Continues

Remember when I said grumpiness is contagious? Well, turns out happiness is even more so.

After registering the Be Happy travel bug on the geocaching site, I wake up the next morning to this absolutely lovely email:

Hello, from germany!I am very happy, that you found my “Be happy” TB!I learn englisch in the evenning shool.I wish you many adventures with geocaching!Me and my doughter Lisa ( she is a handicap girl) love geocaching, beeing in nature and feel the whole world in our heart!We wish you good luck, and “Be happy” all the time! Let the sunshine in your heart, there is always a way! Many greetings! Bianka and Lisa!

How could a person not just beam happiness after an email like that? Love!

This is followed up with another brilliant family ski day where Kaya takes me under the chairlift and through some trees because she’s bored of the easy run. After 5 lessons! Kids are amazing.

Later at home, the first Facebook update there to greet me says:

“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” ~Mary Lou Retton

At this point, I have absolutely no doubt about it!

But if I did, Kaya took a moment at school to craft this story about her mommy. Please note, she is 5 and at the very beginning stages of reading and writing. She did this all on her own, with no assistance, and I am crazy, insanely PROUD!

To think, if I hadn’t willed myself to find happy things in my grumpy week, I never would have gone for a run, found a treasure, noticed a poster, cared about a frisbee, acknowledged a quote, had quality family time, nor passed that down to my kids who then share that with the world…

I started out forcing myself to write a happy list in attempts at regrouping after a really bad week. This slight reframe opened the door (flung it wide open actually) to achieve that which we all desire,

Be Happy!


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