Be Happy

After adding a few more additions to my Be Happy List, I am energized enough to get my lingering-sick body up and out for a run. Knowing it’s not going to be an intense run, I decide to do a quick run to a geocache that has eluded me and the girls on two previous attempts, look around for it without kids, then head back home. A gentle, beautiful 1.5km later, I arrive in the trees and diverted river bed to search around. After a couple false attempts, I finally find the box hidden under a pile of wet bark and leaves. Yay!

But I am even more elated when I open it up and find a Travel Bug inside. (If you do not geocache, normally you find small $ store type ‘prizes’ inside and you take one and replace it with something new, but a travel bug is a registered key tag that you don’t keep, rather you put it in a new geocache so it can travel all over the world which you can track to see where it ends up!) At any rate, this is the first time I’ve found a travel bug so I’m excited by that alone. And then I see this:

My travel bug is named Be Happy. And I am so very grateful I found a moment amidst my grumpiness to write a happy list which gave me the energy to go for a run which inspired me to find a cache which was left just for me. I know it was.

So now I am no longer willing myself to be happy. I just am. Happy.

I run home, excitedly share my ‘Be Happy’ with my family and we are, all, happy.

Later, I run to the store and as I’m walking back to my car, I see, from afar, a poster that says Happy. I laugh but do not go investigate the poster. Only once I am home do I find myself curious as to what that poster was all about so I google Happy and my hometown. Which is when I discover that it just so happens to be World Happy Day and this documentary, Happy, is playing all over the world. Awesome.

Later in the day, I am typing away on the computer, get up, catch a glimpse of something out my window, look back, and see this:

You have got to be kidding me! You can not make this stuff up…

The universe is a crazy cool force don’t ya think?


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