Happy List

Rough week. I’ve been sick and so has Brennyn, making for two grumpy girls. Unfortunately, grumpiness is as contagious as germs. With full disclosure, let me confess that the week held many tantrums, a mommy meltdown, pouty excursions, aching body, sniffling nose and sore throats along with uninspired food and less-than enthusiastic activities. There, with that off my chest, the girls asleep, I grab a ginger lemon tea, curl up in bed and try to regroup by listing all the things that actually made me happy this week.

The list is surprisingly long. Amazing what a little focused attention does to remind us to

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

So here, my list of happy things on this outwardly grumpy week that was.

  • Rereading my post to find this insightful addition by one or two funny monkey’s “Hfdsafagrteuii;oHmm”
  • Crepes, goblin rides, and skiing with our friends Hilary and Lauren. Brennyn even skied with Hilary- big step!
  • Kaya’s confidence and pride going on the mountain.
  • Sunday morning run in the sun.
  • Bikes, beach, and throwing sticks for Riley on a brilliant blue day.
  • Brenn sinking her boots in the mud and thinking it was HILARIOUS
  • Funny pictures in the car waiting for the bell to ring to pick up big sis.
  • Slowcooker pork and friends for dinner. Easy, delicious and company. Yay!
  • 50/50 movie. Loved it.
  • Kaya bringing home school work in which she sounded out and spelled a whole sentence. Amazing.
  • Teddy Rabbit I Love You

  • B’s princess potty time. Only because it’s funny, not because there was any potty progress…
  • B peeing on herself. Yes, this is a happy moment for she was actually making an attempt to get to the toilet. Big step!
  • Wednesday’s 2 hour break of kids for an Americano and writing.
  • Listening to Brennyn growl like me when frustrated. Not because it’s a good thing, just because it’s funny to have a growl remind me how much my kids really model my behavior. Yikes but also Yes (with a fist pump), depending on the moment!
  • Finding saved art masterpieces on my phone with no clue when or how Brennyn made, then saved it.
  • Getting a new camera book to study and learn my new(ish) camera.
  • Brennyn’s expression when she saw the whip cream mound on her kids hot chocolate.
  • Surprising Kaya with snowman rainbow art after our scientific discussion of how snow and sun don’t make rainbows. I decided to hell with science, and made it so. I especially love the rainbow snowflakes.
  • Yoda art
  • Playing with the Yoda-Speak Generator. ‘Me happy Kaya drawing Yoda makes. Yes, hmmmm’
  • Kaya asking me to write a list of who I love and then having her steal my book to continue.

What’s on your happy list this week?



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