Skiing Family

Skiing, to me, is on of the great activities the whole family can do together. Family ski days was a future dream, one that happened a lot sooner than I expected what with a two-year-old still in the house! But Brennyn, always trying to catch up to big sis, has decided that if Kaya can take ski lessons, so too can she.

Listen, in our part of the world, two-year-olds on skis is not considered crazy, so borrowing a pair was a cinch and off we headed, as a family, to the mountain.

With four lessons under her belt, Kaya the ol’ pro, shows us the art of the magic carpet.

Brennyn tries to follow her without me, but coming down the hill, she is happy to have Mommy to hold her up!

Before long, she is standing on her own and ‘weeeeee’ing down the bunny hill (with mamma’s pizza wedges still around her!)

Since Daddy only has a snowboard right now, he is in charge of the camera while Kaya ‘teaches’ B and I to ski. This means pizza wedge skis going straight down the mountain. Who needs to turn right? Especially if your mommy is telling you to do so. I’ll give her credit though, she could maneuver her way around the adult learners just fine when required to.

Hard to tell in the picture, but this is Kaya’s first ever chairlift. We went on it on a whim and only half way through the ride did I start panicking about just how we were going to get off. No worries though as Kaya totally rocked it!

I mean, just look at this! Skiers!

Time to adjust my vision of the future just slightly. Still family ski days, though now the image includes my girls whizzing by, waiting for me and dad at the bottom so we can head up on the chairlift together where they make fun of my pizza wedges until whizzing down once more…

Still perfection.

Especially if it’s a bluebird day like our first family ski day was, complete with beers and cheers. (Juice for the girls, now and in my future imaginings! Not quite ready to jump that far into the future quite yet!)


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