Treasures Everywhere and Other Lessons From My 2 Yr Old

Well hello sun, it’s been awhile! Nothing like an abrupt weather change to add a spark of newness to our day.
I think I’m being all brilliant adding a shovel and treasure box to our picnic pile, and granted, it’s not a bad idea.

But when Brennyn starts digging and filling the box with any old thing, I suggest we only add the special treasures we find at the beach. Without hesitation, my girl furrows her brow, looks at me like I’m insane, and says “Everything is a treasure.” Once again, my kids showcase how much wiser they are than I. With that truer than true answer, I let her fill her box and empty it at her own discretion, then we continue exploring with no box at all.


Log Art.

“Mom! Mom! Look! It looks just like your hair!”


Three hours later, naptime is looming, but the suggestion to leave results in a runaway.

Until she becomes a hideaway…Priceless.

Now, if you know me at all, you will place bets on the fact that we stayed longer.

Which we did.

Of course!

After some log hide n’ seek, I find a huge, flat log to sit on and Brennyn comes to sit and cuddle. “Shhhhhhh B. Lets be super quiet and just listen to the waves.” We’re silent for a moment before B sneezes. “Bless you” I say and then continue “Did the sun make you snee…” But before I can finish, Brenn slaps my leg. “Mom! Ssshhhhhhh! Close your eyes and hear!” So I do. And she does.

My meditation lasts, oh, twenty seconds, before I peek at what she’s doing, wonder about what’s going on in her head, calculate naptime, consider what’s for dinner… Brennyn lasts much longer. Sitting. Breathing. Staring into the sea. Quiet.

Another lesson.

Thank you sun and thank you my B.


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