Goblin Rides

“Goblins Mom! Look at all the goblins!” my two-year-old squeals jumping up and down, running straight for them. It is not scary, green creatures she is after, but gondolas taking skiers up the mountain. I laugh and shake my head that moments before I was daunted by the task of keeping us occupied the whole day in Whistler, affordably, while my five-year-old was in ski lessons. Once again I realize, I need only follow my kids lead to find adventure.

What I had seen was just another gondola used to transport people up the mountain for some epic skiing. What Brennyn saw was a cool box that floats high in the air flying over top of houses and cars and even higher than trees! Wow! Doors open like magic, there are robot-like sounds, and windows let us see everything! “Mom, we can see THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!” This after finding out we can board the ‘goblin’ for free as long as we get off at Base 2, which, though barely mid mountain, is as high as the moon to my girl.

When we get off, well, more treasures to be had. Mounds and mounds of snow to make angels, roll in and slide on.

Of course, all this activity prompts snack time, so I scour the perfect picnic place mid mountain. Ah yes, there we go, directly under the gondolas, laying back, we munch on granola bars, and count the goblins.

The highlight of both our day.

The picture I wanted.

The picture Brennyn wanted.


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