Majority Rules

After lobbying hard for a family outing to the ocean, my family shoots me down outright. It is probably worth mentioning that it was POURING with rain. Capitals warranted. True, it was a torrential downpour, but I felt like we should do something. It was the weekend, we were all together, we needed something to do.

My family thought doing something at home, sheltered from the onslaught, would be just fine thank you very much.

But too often doing something at home means I am blogging, Bal is watching football, and the girls steal my iPhone to listen to Bieber and play Angry Birds. Today I wanted family time.

So to rally the troops back to my side, I suggest blowing up the camping air mattress bed, piling it with every blankie and stuffie we can find, curl ourselves in, and watch movies together. Instead of boo’s, this time I am treated to a chorus of hooray’s. Bal blows up the bed, the girls gather the goods, and I set up a couple movies received at Christmas that we hadn’t watched yet. The Gruffalo (beautiful) and Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (cute and perfect family watching) are watched with cuddles and bed bouncing all the while.

Now that’s my kind of home day.


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