Adventures in Reading

Throughout January, I have been lusting for adventure. Taking this picture is as close as I’ve come,

I’ve transitioned from pouting about being house-bound, to falling into the doldrums, to nestling in to a quieter sort of adventure where I am immersed in grand stories filled with explorations and discoveries, communicated to me by authors, my kids and even myself.

Oh, how thankful I am to read a really great book, one that sits with me, speaks to me long after the last page has been turned. Which I recently found in Brian Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Absolutely breathtaking, brilliant book. A story in words, and in pictures, part mystery, part character study. Not only am I swept away to another place and time, I am fully invested in the outcome of these characters. That is a great book.

In other big reading news, my first born is reading now. Whole books! Remember these?

Every time she begins to sound words out, putting letters together, forming words, then sentences, my heart literally clenches, my breath literally catching. Joyous pride mixing with shock at the passing of time.

My girl, she can read!

My girl, she can read?

Another milestone reached. One that will allow her to escape, imagine, journey and create. One that will always provide an adventure.

Back to my own adventures in reading, I am cozied up in bed finishing the last 30 pages of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (another great read though by no means ‘light’) when Brennyn, my two-year-old comes in wanting my attention. At first annoyed as I just want to finish my book, I see she just wants some Mamma cuddles so suggest she goes to get some books of her own to read beside me. She grins and toddles off to get some books, then crawls up and nestles in to read beside me. Of course, I get no reading of my own done at this point. She ‘reads’ her books combining song, nursery rhyme and her own words into a beat-poet slam-style story. Then Kaya, my reader, joins us, Hello Kitty headphones on, Justin Bieber blaring, and a book of dinosaurs to flip through while draping herself in the folds of blankets and bodies.

Surrendering my book reading for the time being, I sink further into the bed and my two girls, gaze at these two kooky, brilliant characters, and know that I am immersed, this very moment, in the greatest adventure of all.

My family.

(Though when the inevitable whining begins, I escape to the bathroom, lock the door, and finish my last 30 pages!)


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