A Shift

Week 2 of this blog and I have to confess, I am not feeling so wonder-filled. After weeks on the westcoast of rain, arctic air, snow-turned-ice, hail, wind warnings and more rain, the blahs have overtaken the awes.

Hot, beachy destinations are calling me, the desire to escape, overwhelming. I want to whine about having no money, daydream about being anywhere but where I am, going against everything that I believe. What I believe is this;

Wonder abounds, if only we allow ourselves to see it.

Yes, even in the sleet. Even in my messy house. Even amongst all the grumpy people (myself topping the list.)

So in those brief moments when this belief flashes before me, breaking free of the doldrums, I grasp on, hold tight and direct it to my kids. Because my kids, grumpy or not, still see more of what’s real than me.

They don’t see the moldy windows or stained carpets. They don’t see lists of chores or shopping or to do’s. They see worlds coming alive and fairs coming to fruition. They partake in cozy pillow parties filled with storytelling and song. They dance, oh how they dance.

When the blahs have got me beat, I witness from afar them playing dolls or messing up their room or getting in my way while I’m trying to watch a show.

But when I can manage a shift, just the slightest of change in perspective, when I can get down to their level and see what they see, there are whole worlds to explore, invent, become! Right in our very own living room.


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