Snow Wise

You know when an event occurs that is so good, no words seems capable of describing it adequately? Instead you may find a quote by a brilliant mind and use that to tell your story.

Then there are other days, when the words come out just right:


“It’s shiny snow! The sprinkles are twinkling!” ~Kaya 4yrs

“Look Dad, it’s a Penguin Fairy!”

“Where? I don’t see it.”

“Right there! Look! Can’t you see it?”

“I see it too Dad. Look, look! Right there. So many fairy penguins flying and dancing!”

~Overheard conversation between two sisters and their Dad snowshoeing

“Woa!” pointing madly and jumping up and down, “Look at all the snow in the whole wide world… That’s AWESOME!” ~Brennyn 2yrs

Words doing it justice.


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